A Georgian Inventory

A copy of part of the original inventory


This inventory was compiled in 1795 or 1798, and if the latter probably on the death of  the Reverend James Yonge who died in that year.

 It gives a fascinating insight into the personal possessions of a well off country gentry family towards the end of the 18th century.



 A pair of globes

A wheel barometer

A chest of drawers with some [hopils]

A wainscot chest of tools

A pair of mahogany steps

A deal table

A mahogany table

A green cloth

A family portrait in guilt frame

A box with an electrical apparatus

Priestley’s Church of History and Biography

Three mahogany chairs

A Scotch carpet 8 feet square

Books maps and prints belonging to books

An inkstand

A bath stove

Fire iron and fender brush

A fishing rod

A cupboard of drugs


 Two floor mats, 4

Two hampers ditto

One ditto

Two pairs of steps

A clock


 A large oval mahogany table and blue cloth

A large mat

Two marble tables with frames

A case with a ship

A small skeleton table

Six elbow chairs

A thermometer

2 brass sconces


 A press

A sugar tin

Coal scuttle copper

A press footman

Ditto iron

Hand bell

 Yellow Room


Feather bed bolster 2 pillows


3 bedside carpets

I mat

3 chairs

I deal table

I glass

I chest of drawers

I grate and fire irons

I glass cupboard

 White room

 Dimity bedstead

Feather bed bolster 2 pillows

1 mattress

3 bedside carpets

I wardrobe

6 chairs

I deal dressing table

2 glasses

I night stool

I bath stove

I brush & fire irons

2 window curtains


 1 mahogany press bed

1Feather bed bolster I pillow

I deal dressing table

I stool

I glass

 Red Room

 I bedstead

1father bed bolster 2 pillows

1 mattress

3 bed side carpets

2 pieces of carpeting

1 small sofa

4 work'd chairs

1 chest of drawers

1 deal dressing table

1 glass

1 bath stove

1 fender fire irons & brush


 1 deal press bed

I feather bed and bolster

I night stool

I deal dressing table

I glass

2 mats

I clothes screen

I child’s table


 I cotton bed

I feather bed & bolster I pillow

I deal press bed

I feather bed & bolster

5 cribs

3 mattresses

I feather bed

2 cradles

2 bolsters

2 pillows

I chest of drawers

I table

I glass

3 pieces of sail cloth

I chair

I stool


 1 table

1 grate fire irons

1 iron screen

1 chair

1 pair bellows

 Green Room

 1 bedstead bolster and pillows

1 mattress

2 deal tables

2 chairs

1 chest of drawers

 Blue Garret

 1 bedstead

1 feather bed and bolster

1 chest of drawers

 Green Garrett

 1 bedstead feather bed and bolster

 [farm] Stock

 Five horses, Mrs Yonge’s

4 Cows and two calves (two calves and one cow sold, 3 to 3 Mrs Yonge)

1 sheep

A chain and harness (illegible reference possibly referring to a disposal to another Yonge)

A chain and harness

A cart and harness (Mrs Yonge)

A pleasure boat sails and oars

A sand barge and boat

A small boat and oars – sold

Hay Mrs Yonge

Wheat   -  sold

Hard wood Mrs Yonge

Fire wood Mrs Y

Coals Mrs Y

Melon glasses Mrs Y

Cucumber frames and glasses Mrs Y

2 garden rollers Mrs Y

A spade and rake    Mrs Y

A heap of dung Mrs Y

Potatoes part sold and Mrs Y

 Common Parlour

 A grand piano [      ] given by Mrs Grainger to Mrs Yonge for her daughters

A bureau book case

A pier glass


Mahogany dining table

ditto card table

10 Southampton chairs

A music stool Nanny Yonge's

3 mahogany stools

A small mahogany stool

A map

A stove grate

Fire irons and hearth brush

3 small profiles Mrs Yonge's

A small glass table Mrs Yonge's

A carpet

A Childs chair

A small hearth carpet

A carpet

A [Japan] plate heater

 Best Dining Parlour

 A set of mahogany dining tables and middle piece

A marble sideboard

2 mahogany knife cases with knives

2 pier glasses

12 mahogany chairs

2 elbow chairs

3 window curtains

3 window blinds

A cellaret

10 portraits

5 prints

5 Derbyshire Spar urns Mrs Yonge’s

2 glass sconces

A bath stove

Fire irons and brush

A hearth rug

A Wilton carpet

A large floor mat

A small floor mat

A mahogany Pembroke table

 Drawing room

 Carpet Wilton

Fire irons and fender

Bath stove

2 Moroccan window curtains

Pair card tables

Mahogany tea table

A painting landscape


A sofa

work'd chairs

 Blue Room


Feather bed, bolster, two pillows

2 mattresses

3 bedside carpets

I mat

3 chairs

I great chair

I dressing table with drawers

2 bureaus

I looking glass

4 guns


 Press bed

Feather bed and mattress

2 deal tables

2 glasses

Grate fire irons

I stool

I chair

 Bed linen

 5 pairs of Holland sheets

4 pairs of old Holland sheets

11 pairs of Dowlas sheets

4 pairs of Dowlas sheets

6 old sheets

5 pairs small sheets

12 pairs garret sheets

4 pairs of nursery sheets

9 pairs of crib sheets

4 bolster bags

9 pillow cases

15 towels

13 pairs pillow cases

3 pairs of old ditto

 Table linen

 22 table cloths

8 breakfast ditto

21 napkins

25 towels

 Kitchen linen

  8 table cloths

12  runners

12 glass cloths

12 knife cloths

 3 counterpanes

10 quilts

13 pairs of blankets


 18 table spoons

24 dessert ditto

2   [Reagent]    ditto

14 tea ditto

1 ladle

4 salts

1 marrow

1 pair sugar tongs

1 pair asparagus ditto

1 bread basket

1 bowl

4 salts

1pint cup

1 sugar basket

1creamed ladle ditto Mrs Yonge

2 coffee pots and stands Mrs Yonge

1 tea pot

1pepper box

2 bed candle sticks John Yonge

1 urn

1 funnel

1 flat candle stick

4 plated candle sticks

1 toast rack

1 butter spade

16 china dishes

4 baking ditto

2 vegetable with covers

12 soup plates

3 doz  plates

19 desserts

4 butter boats

6 round dishes

6 large saucers

10 pantry pans

3 pink basons

7 half pint with saucers

2 doz nankin saucers

1 doz and 8 saucers

12 coffee cups

6 chocolate cups and saucers

4 cups

2 chocolate cups

6 cups and saucers

5 small blue and white

12 odd saucers

27 jelly glasses

7  sweat meat glasses

2 wine decanters

4 small ditto

2 water ditto

20 wine glasses

2 beer glasses

8 tumblers

4 salts

2 more glasses

2 blue and white

2 yellow jugs

4 Wedgwood tea pots

2 cream jugs

15 water glasses

5 odd glasses


Water Jugs



 Kitchen and Scullery

 2 deal tables

5 chairs

2 forms

 1 iron oven

1 grate

1 fender and fire irons

2 spits and fire dogs

1 jack


1 firescreen

5 saucers

1 trivett and horse

1 gridion

1 pestle and mortar

6 tin covers

1 flower box

1  pepper ditto

2 warming pans

1 chocolate pot

1 coffee pot

1 fountain

2 tea kettles

3 pots and one large iron pot

10  saucepans

2 fish kettles

2 brass kettles

1 skillet

1 fountain

1 tin tea kettle

2 tin pans

6 iron hoops

2 small hoops

1 Dutch oven

2 stew pans

1 frying ditto

1pestle and mortar

I marble ditto

I salt box

I flour box

I grater

I paste board

3 guns

I dresser

3 water plates

2 coal boxes

2 mops

3 brushes

6 tubs and baskets

9 dishes

2 doz 15” plates

8 dessert plates

3 vegetable dishes

4 old  without covers

I tureen

2 butter ditto

13 pie and pudding dishes

4 blue and white dishes

7 basons

3 course dishes

2 pitchers

6 skewers

 Servants hall

 I tab1e

I napkin press

I clothes horse

I plate basket

2 knife baskets

2 knife boxes

I dinner tray

I tea tray

I marble slab

2 iron grates

2 brushes

3 guns


 3 stone troughs

8 salting pans

1 rack


 1 safe

1 pair steps

1 block

1 clever

2 racks

10 milk pans

1 tin cup and skimmer

1 table

3 butter vats

1 pair scales

1 small safe

Bread tub

Butter ditto

2 milk pails

Bread bowl

1 pitcher


 19 hogsheads and butts

 Mens Garrett

 2 bedsteads

2 feather beds

2 bolsters

 Back garret

 2 bedsteads

1 feather bed and bolster



3 brushes

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