This is a very greatly simplified version, really only an introduction, of the Family Tree which will not download on this website, It shows the first Yonges we know of and who are common to all Family members then the offshoots leading to the main branches existing today, as defined by geography. Many side branches are excluded and no details are given for anyone born after 1816.

In time further trees going forward in time, will appear below for these various branches referred to below but only showing lines which continue to this day. Lines which have died out will not be shown.

Anyone interested in tracing their past ancestors in detail, should contact me for further information or

JOHN YONGE/YOUNG b ??? m Joanna Blackaller 1640 D 1679 Sons

i) NATHANIEL YOUNG 1654 m 1679 JOAN TOLLAR d 1699

(Their descendants form the YOUNG branch of the Family. Believed no male descendants living)

ii) JAMES YONGE b 1647 m 1671 Jane Cramphorn d 1721 Sons including

JAMES YONGE b 1679 m 1718 Mary Upton d 1745 Sons including

JOHN YONGE b 1720 m Elizabeth Duke 1746 d 1767 Sons

1) JAMES YONGE b 1748 m 1782 Anne Mudge 1787 Anne Granger d 1797

(Their descendants include the Yonge's who continued to live at family seat of Puslinch Devon and other places in England)

2) DUKE YONGE b 1750 m 1777 Catherina Crawley d 1823 Sons including


(Father of writer Charlotte Mary Yonge)

b) CHARLES YONGE b 1781 m 1810 Elizabeth Lord d 1830 Son JOHN EYRE YONGE 1818-1890, whose grandson moved to Australia. Male line died out.

c) DUKE YONGE b 1779 m 1806 Cordelia Anne Colborne d 1836 sons

A) DUKE JOHN YONGE b 1809 m 1840 Elizabeth Anne Roberts D 1846

(Their sons ARTHUR KENNETH DUKE YONGE 1843-1912 and WALTER FRANCIS DUKE YONGE 1844-1924 moved to Australia AND THEIR descendants comprise the Australian Yonge lines)

B) JOHN FRANCIS DUKE YONGE b 1814 m 1864 Elizabeth Birt Alice Reed 1840 d 1879

(Their sons JAMES FREDERICK MOORE YONGE 1842-1910 and STEPHEN DUKE YONGE 1845-1912 moved to America and their descendants comprise the American Yonges)

C) FREDERICK DUKE YONGE b 1816 m 1859 Charlotte Stoke Andrews d 1889

(Moved to New Zealand and their descendants comprise the New Zealand Yonges)

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